Street Fighter V

Game based on the popular movie and arcade game series


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  • Category Action
  • Program license Paid
  • Version 1.0
  • Works under: Windows 10
  • Program available in English
  • Program by Capcom

Capcom's flagship side-scrolling fight game brings great experience.

The Street Fighter series has a long history as a premier fighting game, hearkening back to it's humble beginnings as an arcade game and, now, with installments on all major consoles as well as PC ports. Street Fighter V continues this legacy by bringing a flashy, stylistic and highly technical fighting game to fans of the genre. In an interesting move, the game is Playstation 4 and PC exclusive, thumbing it's nose at Microsoft. Street Fighter V is slated to be released early in 2016.

Game Play

Street Fighter V is a very technical game with multiple characters, each with extensive lists of special moves and combos. launch will see 16 playable characters including the iconic Ryu, Ken and Chun-Li, with more characters and content slated to be published after release via updates. There are two gauges that fill during the course of a fight, the EX gauge and the V-gauge. The former fills when a player lands hits and the former fills when your opponent lands hits. Each gauge is a power source for special combos. Critical arts are powered by the EX-gauge and V-Skills, V-reversals and V-triggers are powered by the V-gauge. The system forces players to pay attention to their own gauges as well as their opponents as pummeling an opponent may give them just enough V-gauge in order to counter attack in a critical way. One additional gauge that a player will try not to fill, is the stun gauge, which fills after being struck multiple times. When this gauge is filled, the character becomes stunned and susceptible to massive damage.


Street Fighter V keeps true to its arcade heritage and remains a side scrolling, largely 2D fight game. Not to say that the game does't look good; it is, in fact, gorgeous. Animations are seamless and the art style is very clean, with animated backgrounds and great locations for each fight. Each push of a button or flick of a control stick sends the player's character into an acrobatic fighting move that will fill the screen with action.


  • Depth of combos and skills to learn and master
  • Stylistic and great presentation
  • Popular characters returning


  • Long combo and move list with multiple gauges means a steep learning curve for beginners
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